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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner @ Sheranton Tower

Do you ever recall any scenes on local drama where they filmed in a resturant with man-made water fall as backdrop? The dining room in Sheranton Tower is a well-known romantic place with it's cascading waterfalls as scenery. However i'm not there for dinner date, perhaps another time when the occasion arise.

I was invited by business partner to attend their presentation award dinner, i guess it's also some form of appreciation dinner for customers. Of course the purpose is to network with the bankers, engineers, etc and build rapport with them. It was all the usual business talk like discussing on technology and solutions for business requirement. When dinner was served, my interest shifted to taking pictures on the mouth-watering dishes =D

Gearing up for 2 major shoot in Nov and Dec. Gotta start learning using Canon 7D though i'm not a huge fan of it. Gotta try hard falling in love with it.


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