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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to School

It was a fine Wednesday morning after the rain and im supposed to get up and prepare for work. One dreaded thing about getting to work is that the weather is so fine that you wish could just continue tucking in the bed. Oh wait a minute, i'm on annual leave today. Instead of remaining in bed, i decided to better make use of my time.

What's a better way to start off the wonderful morning with a hearty breakfast? Being a kind samaritan, i offer to send my neighbour(not xiaomeimei) to her/my school in amk, since i haven't went back for quite sometime. Miss the good food in Engineering canteen! Walkabout the school to take some pictures and i realise there wasn't dramatic change in interior except for students perhaps =D

Working as a lecturer is one of the best job around, don't you thnk so? I remember we as students always envy and dream of become a lecturer one day, satisfying job, great environment and good pay (^^)b

If you are wondering how i looked like during poly days, this is me hahaha. Have a nice day! So gonna utilise my leave day today by going to town!


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