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Saturday, October 30, 2010

From 6 to 6

6am - 10am (Morning Spiritual Walk)
The hectic schedule has kept me occupied and refraining my time to sit down and update this space. It all began on a rainy Saturday 6am, my very-on neighbour has suggested me to jog to Yishun Dam to catch the sunrise. The rain delayed the plan so it became just breakfast cum walk to Yishun Dam instead. Having drive/cycle to Yishun Dam before, the estimated 6km walk journey was still quite okay to me, but i reckon it will be once in a blue moon affair.

2-4pm ( The Visit )
Arrived late morning home to catch up some sleep before going out again in the afternoon with my Grandma to visit my ill stricken Auntie who had cancer. She lost so much weight and looked aged, her once voluminous black hair had turned sparse and grey. Her smile welcomed at us at the gate, it was really heart-warming despite knowing that she had been tormented by the illness. Beside's battling with her illness, she also has to take care her husband who is suffering from dementia. I'm not sure how serious is he's condition but he assisted to carry in the wheelchair and offered me a sit in their living room, giving me a thumbs up when i thanked him for his hospitality.

In the 2-room Boon Keng flat lies a sad story. A couple of years when she was diagnosed with cancer, her daughter made a big fuss because of the medical fees involved. Soon she cut off ties with my Auntie and left her to feed on herself. Knowing that she has little chance of recovery(last stage), my Auntie became depressed and isolated themselves from the outside world. Only in the wee morning she would step out of the house and buy grocery to cook simple meals. As for dinner, volunteers will provide for them. I remembered she would call my mum often for chit chat and meet up for Mahjong Session but all this stopped suddenly.

It really destroy the life/family and made me realise how fragile life could be. Before me and my sister left, we "stuffed" her money for her to buy tonics. Even though the sum is not huge, i could see her appreciation from her eyes. It has been a long time since anyone visited them and could tell she's happy that someone still care for her. She walked us to the lift and wave goodbye to us until the lift door shut and moved off. The scene left a deep impression in my mind, it was heart-breaking. My feet was caked with dust, i wonder how long ago was that floor wiped...

4-6pm (Personal)
Went over to Seah street for business matters.

8-12 Midnight (Chillout)
Catch up with 3 xiaomeimei at Rail Mall coffeebean and walkabout at bottletree village. They just loved to be toured around but i hope they do get married soon.

1-4am (Soccer Madness)
Guys can get really crazy just to catch their favourite team in action. Drove to Kranji Turfclub but got disappointed as they aint showing Spanish League. Made a mad dash to Resort World Sentosa to satisfy our hunger for soccer. Even though parking was $8, it was eased off by the Victory of Real Madrid.

4am - 5am (Breakfast)
Quick breakfast at Sembawang Road Hans and home sweet home.

A lunch wedding to attend @ Bedok, won't be shooting so i can enjoy my food.


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