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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Agony of Organising

Recently i was tasked to organise Lunch and Dinner for office and poly gathering respectively. Although to some might be "saikang", i gladly take up the job as organiser since most people would not be willingly to do so. Actually it doesn't require much effort except choosing a good location and making sure people turn up. Location isn't much of a problem as i frequently check on worthy makan places but there is no guarantee for turn up rate. It is a good practice to inform attendee's on the date as early as 2 weeks in advance to pre-empt them. If they are interested to attend, they will make the effort to block out the date for the function, else no matter how early you pre-empt them, they will not turn up.

To "pyshco" them to participate, i would draft a personal message indicating why they should turn up and the event anticipating them. After awhile, i get some replies while some others may yet to reply. I would send another reminder message to them in case they are busy and over-look the message (seriously how busy can they get?)

1 week before the actual event, send reminder message again through facebook. Make reservation 1 day in advance and if necessary send sms on the day itself. This is my protocol, just a basic guideline and responsibility to follow through. But i have my fair share of seeing ugly colours of people, such as shrugging responsibility and ignoring the invitation.

Some excuses
- Busy, are you self-made millionaire or own a business that you cant excuse yourself. Busy = poor time mangement, won't bother with such "busy" people
- Not interested, low self-esteem who is not earning high or doesn't have a job, afraid of mocking/comparison at the gathering. Again own thinking at fault so i really can't help if you think that way, we are so long time friends who will not look down you.
- Not willing to take up responsibility for co-organising, i can't see how far you can advance in career or life, probably limited social friends as well.
- Stubborn attitude, you always insist that you are right and refuse to listen for opinions. Too stubborn for your own good, i will try to steer clear of such people.

At the end of the event, being the host i will offer to settle the bill, however this is optional i guess.
The pics are uploaded in FB, so shall spare them here : )

Sharing the picture of my neighbour car, look like the AE86 but is a toyota starlet. Nice effort nevertheless : ) I think he's in his early twenties only, this little iconic car is just nice for his image.


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