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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Pot of Surprise

As i was saying receiving a plant from Pamela, i got it from her couple of days ago. The plant was imported from South African and not sold locally. She initially wanted give it to me when the flower blossom but i insisted to take care it right from the start. Back in her home in Malaysia, her family runs a mini business growing thousands of flower in her own backyard. Imagine living in a garden of your own, i think it's a blessing isn't it?

I might have a chance to visit it when i fly to Kuching in February. I heard it's a nice town with lots of delicacy : ) Far from the huzzle and buzzle of city, it would be a perfect getaway for the Chinese New Year period. Take it as reaping a little reward for the hard-work reap put in this year, it's good to pamper yourself to relax and prepare for further progression.

Sneaking a pic.

Doing some soil transfer

Let it grow day by day

It will become a beautiful plant


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