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Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Bargain @ Sitex

Whenever there is an ongoing PC show exhibition, friends would either ask me for the best deal or even accompany them to check out good bargain. I can't remember how many times i rejected the idea of visiting the crowded PC, or simply better off telling them to purchase gadgets at Sim Lim or Funan. The most frequently asked question i get was enquiry on cameras, it's a bad idea to buy camera at the show because they are selling at retail price bundled with lots of redundant freebies to entice customer. For camera purchase, it's best to head down to funan reputable shops and save up to $100+ without having trouble to squeeze or finding carpark lots.

The only thing i bought for the past few years PC show is a GPS unit, which im unsure where to buy it except from the exhibitor. Today it's a sunday, i think many people are going to expo and expect a huge slash price on the products. No doubt this year bonus is the best compared to recent years, but i still do not have anything in mind to get. Alot of "wants" to get, but i pretty fine living without it. Well i did changed to new sports rim and tyres, i think its super chio loh although abit waste money haha. Next time i will share the mods which i did over the past few months, no choice backside always itchy. One man meat is another man poison : )

The plant is getting taller every day !

Flower is coming out !

It's dark outside now, gonna have a rainy lazy sunday just nice after my table tennis practise.

After i came back from dinner with Pam, the flower has accelerated it's growth !
I am getting more supplies from her definitely and turn it into a mega-business thingy haha, call me a hua chi : )

And after i went out and return from chelsea vs newcastle soccer match...


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