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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What Goes Behind in An Interview Room

Today i had the opportunity to interview a potential candidate who is applying to join my organisation. 2 Years ago i was facing the "judging" panel, now it's my turn to be in the stress-free position as the interviewer. Here's some of my observation on what possibly could be improved or avoided by the interviewee. I shall also share the procedure from the start when we kept them waiting until the end of the session, which we will give them "homework" to complete.

1. When the interviewee arrives, we will be called upon and sit in the room preparing to "grill" them. Before the session begins, we screen through their resume/results,email correspondence and FYP write-up. This is to raise any doubts or to better understand them when the conversation begins.

2. Well today it's a lady hence we shall be "gentlemen" and keep things easy for her. First impression, petite fair lady who looks like just graduated from Poly. Nervous yes, usually the case for fresh graduate. Soft spoken with slight "british accent", takes awhile to warm up . Dressing could be improved but we are not shenton way so it's ok lah, the was a small spot on the shirt which was kinda distracting to us, this could have been easily clean at the washroom.

3. Body language, slightly laid back. Could speak with more firm tone or enthusisam, the ideal voice would be a steady and confident with a punch which was lacking. Positioning was abit slanted, again more room for improvement.

4. Documentation, didn't clear state the year enrol and completion for tertiary studies, we had to play guessing game. Period stated for oversea's volunteering work was 2 years, in actual fact was 2 months, mistake. Result for university not attached, she completed 2 degree but only produced 1 result. The answer for the question of "why the FYP was chosen" was a 1 liner, pretty disappointed with the lack of effort.

5. Answering, pretty much routine chit chat and discussion on soft-skill sets ( We couldn't expect technical subjects from fresh grads). When it comes to asking her to rate the level of interest for job, it was an 8. I think 9 would be a better figure, 10 is over-rated. Haha again quite subjective.

Though we didn't think that she was suitable for the job, we still decided to let her write the essay test should her English impress us. Utimately it's up to my director to grant her a 2nd interview and hire her. Chances quite slim but at least opportunity given : ) Acing an interview isn't too difficult if one overcome the fear and speak with confident. No skill nevermind cos it can always be pick up later.

Update on the essay submission, messy hardwriting makes it difficult to read, enough said : (


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