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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Xmas 2010

Normally i would have slept @ this hour and especially feeling dead tired after my intensive music lesson. My teacher is really pushing me hard to the extreme, yes she admitted it at the end of today lesson seeing that i am making good progress. Now feeling the body ache despite playing the piano which using only the fingers, there are some keys that are to played such that awkward body movement is required(maybe me only oops).

Ok why am i still asleep is because i am waiting my dear friend Mr Loo to return my car keys : (
While his Honda Fit is parked right under my block, some exchange program going on again ... I figure out that blogging might be a better way to kill time than surfing forums.

In another week 2010 will be over (i miss 2010 because even number sounds good), looking back the months what have you achieved ? Recapping the things i did, shall list down to serve as good reminder and plan for new year resolution.

1. Got a car although i never really wanted in the first place.
2. Learn about car maintenance and basic modification knowledge, something which i'm always interested before i own a car, tuning of ECU, Cold air-intake, heatshield and the list goes on and on ...
3. Got a piano in my room
4. Started snapmemories and produced the first assignment DVD
5. Promoted @ work
6. Organised company Dinner and Dance
7. Received good appraisal for work performance
8. Planted my first pot of flower ( haha i know this is irrelevant )
9. Invested something for 5 figure
10. Driving up to Genting for roadtrip ( setting off on 31st with a Subaru Impreza to "conquer" NSHW )

Of cos there are other happenings but shall leave them out in the picture : )
Look my flower is blossoming again !

My first xmas gift from ...

My music teacher : )

May you had a fulfilling 2010 year as well, now enjoy the festive mood and plan for new year targets : )


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