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Monday, January 10, 2011

Exorbitant Car Price

A year ago when car prices are hovering at rock bottom prices, my brother 5 year old black vios was priced at 23K only. Today a similar car of that cost 31K, driving has become a luxury thing that young yuppies could no longer afford easily. Although we have a so called robust & reliable public transport, owning a car will still beat the public transport traveling time in most cases.

Shortly after i took over the orange pica, my brother was offloading his sporty vios to a shiny Civic. The monthly installment between a 1 litre pica and 1.6 vios is a mere $30! Don't ask me why didn't i pick the 1.6 litre, it was painful to see it slipped away : (

No complaints lah, owning a car in sg is good enuff. Sports car or small car stuck in jam is still the same. If there's a need for speed, i can always borrow my brother civic for a ride.

Although many people feels that owning a car in singapore is a liability, the money can be better used at investment savings holidays etc... As long as you don't have to compromise your living standard to budget eating bread water online movies coffeeshops cheat parking save fuel etc... Live your life to the fullest and get your appropriate ride proportional to your earnings. Some of my friends are aiming for Golf and Civic which i haven't have any plans for upgrade yet. Just be contented at the meantime.


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